2016 Activity (CSR)


Information about "Punnamjai activity 3nd year" for this year we will go to reforestation with Electricity General Authority of Thailand (EGAT) Lamtakhong, On Saturday November 26, 2016 Time 09:00-15:00 at Kao Yai Thieng, Amphur Sikhui, Nakhonratchasima
(For interest to join with us on that day, can register your name with Beer (HR/GA) until October 30, 2016)

Sport day and night party


To ensure good health and improve the relationship between employees our company had a Sports day last 12 Dec 2015. Later on the same date, we had our "Cowboy Night Party".

2017 Quality commitment


According to FY2016 year had been passed and New year 2017 All Management each department close right ‘s eye of FY2016 Daruma and make quality commitment together for this year 2017 together.

2016 CSR for handicapped people


Last 8 March, our company joined the activity at the MCC Hall in The Mall, Korat. Though this activity, our company was able to give chance for handicapped people to live a normal life and work as a regular emloyee of our company

2016 Sangklaburi College student visit


On 24 Jul 2016, we provided a company tour to a group of students from Sangklaburi, Surin Province. This gave opportunity to students to see and understand the situation in a real workplace that they might not be able to learn in school or university. They were also able to observe first hand the process of earphone production.